Well, our beloved Falcons made the playoffs, but fell short again this year. The good news is that our professional football team is a consistent playoff contender. You already know the bad news, so we’ll leave that alone for now. But there are still some great stories heading into the 52nd SuperBowl game, and a few things to make sure you pay attention to as well.

Two Unlikely Quarterbacks

If you’re not an avid NFL fan, you might not even know anything about this story. We’ll try to tell the tale, but it has some plot twists. The story is about the quarterbacks for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings, Nike Foles and Case Keenum, respectively. Here goes.

  1. The Rams trade Sam Bradford to the Eagles for Nick Foles.
  2. Foles loses that QB job to his Rams teammate, Case Keenum.
  3. The Eagles draft QB Carson Wentz.
  4. The Eagles trade Sam Bradford to the Vikings.
  5. Bradford gets injured, and is replaced by Keenum.
  6. Wentz gets injured and is replaced by Foles.
  7. Foles and Keenum are now the starters for their teams, the Eagles and the Vikings, who faced off for a spot in SuperBowl LII.
  8. The Eagles defeated the Vikings in the NFC Championship, and Foles will lead his team against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Did you get all that? Former teammates and backup quarterbacks Foles and Keenum played for a spot in SuperBowl 52.

Eagles vs. Patriots

Now we’ll have the reigning SuperBowl Champion New England Patriots taking on the Philadelphia Eagles, who won a championship in 1960, but that was before the SuperBowl era. The Patriots have won 5 SuperBowls since 2000, having appeared in seven and winning five. Who will cheer for: Patriots, Eagles, or the commercials?

SuperBowl Parties

Most of us won’t be attending the SuperBowl, so if we want to enjoy the game with friends, it’s SuperBowl Party time! Just like any other party you have at your home or office, make sure you stop serving alcohol at the end of the 3rd quarter, serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages, and please use Uber or Lyft to get everyone home safely.

The Halftime Show

Justin Timberlake is back, 14 years after the “wardrobe malfunction” with Miss Jackson. You just really never know what to expect from each successive halftime show. Some are really good, and some require sending the kids to bed. Do you watch the halftime show, or is that your time to refresh your food and beverage?

Office Betting

Did you know that office pools are actually illegal in several states? And betting on any college game is illegal in all states except Nevada. If you are going to put a friendly wager on “the big game”, make sure it is indeed a friendly wager, especially at your place of employment. And remember, whether you bet or not, you have to show up for work on Monday, win or lose.

Sunday Night

Speaking of showing up for work on Monday morning, if the game’s a nailbiter like last year’s Falcon’s loss to the Patriots, you and your co-workers may be in for a late night. Much like the regularly questionable halftime show, you just never know if it’s going to be a blowout or come down to that last second field goal. Either way, be prepared for a short night of sleep on that Sunday evening.

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