In the State of Georgia the divorce rate for men is 9th highest in the nation, with the divorce rate for women following close behind at 11th highest in the U.S.  The State Bar of Georgia outlines the procedure for divorce, stating you must first file a complaint for divorce in the Superior Court of law. An uncontested divorce avoids a trial and court settlement hearings, and only asks the judge to approve the joint decisions you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have made.

Georgia Uncontested Divorce Covers Needs of Couple and Children

Couples who are able to amicably work together to end their marriage may choose to file their complaint for divorce their selves. While this option is available, it is important to cover all aspects of your joint holdings, children, child support, division of property and any other arrangements that need to be dissolved or shared. Paperwork must be specific and the language used must leave no room for contest or doubt.

Retaining an attorney to represent your uncontested divorce will insure that every issue is covered and arranged for. In addition a Douglasville divorce attorney knows which paperwork to file and makes sure all deadlines are met and adhered to.  Uncontested divorces can be accomplished quickly and at a very low cost making the services of a divorce attorney very affordable.

Three Main Issues to Cover in Uncontested Divorce

In most all divorce proceedings, whether contested or uncontested there are three main issues to be addressed. These three areas are:

  • Property – In an uncontested divorce you and your spouse must decide how to divide the property you have accumulated since your marriage. Property includes real property, your home, investment accounts, banking accounts, retirement and pension plans, a vacation or time share home and other similar types of property.  With the division of property, the debt still owed on any property needs to be split, divided or an agreement reached that is agreed upon by both parties.

Having a Georgia divorce attorney working with you in drawing up your uncontested divorce paperwork can ease any tension involved in discussion of money and debt by helping you come to a amicable agreement.

  • Support – This part of the uncontested divorce proceedings may require mediation by your Carrolton divorce lawyer. While both parties may go into negotiations planning to keep the agreement civil and on friendly terms, when it comes to a fair division of money, finances, debt and need for support, having an experienced divorce attorney who is also a skilled mediator can keep the parties focused and willing to be fair with each other. Paying support can be kept fair and at the same time meet the financial needs with open discussion and mediation by your divorce attorney throughout the uncontested divorce proceedings.
  • Child Custody – Child custody involves both legal custody and physical custody. Agreeing to joint custody is very common. Legal custody involves the right to make decisions about specific things like education and medical care.  Physical custody is the right to have the child(ren) live with one parent or the other. Joint custody means the parents share in the decision making and share in having the child(ren) spend time with each parent; time spent may not be equal and may depend on working hours and ability to care for the child(ren) properly.

If divorcing partners cannot come to an agreement on custody, having a Douglasville divorce and mediation attorney involved in the case from the start can help guide the parents to a fair agreement for the good of the child(ren).

Douglasville Uncontested Divorce Attorney

An uncontested divorce can be accomplished in short order when both parties are fair and agreeable to reach a settlement of property, finances, custody, and support. A divorce is an important decision that will affect partners, children, family and friends. Your Douglasville uncontested divorce lawyers at Miller & Hightower understand the long reaching consequences for all parties involved.

Call the office of Miller & Hightower, your Georgia divorce attorneys for a free confidential consultation of your situation and needs.

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