Regardless of the circumstances, divorce is a painful experience. There are a lot of details that need to be considered, especially when children are involved. While some divorces can be handled without an attorney, it’s best to hire someone that can look after your best interest. Even when the situation is amicable, there are legal matters that need to be handled with care.

For many people, hiring a divorce attorney is the only time they’ve had to hire a lawyer. The process can be overwhelming. Here are some suggestions for hiring a family law lawyer to handle your divorce:

Ask for Recommendations for Divorce Attorneys

Even if your friends haven’t been through a divorce themselves, chances are they know someone who has. Ask your friends and family for recommendations of Douglasville divorce attorneys.

However, it’s best to avoid attorneys that do little or no divorce work. Just because someone is a great corporate attorney, it doesn’t mean they’ll be the best person to represent you in your divorce.

Bring a List of Questions for the Divorce Lawyer

Make the most of your time with the attorney by compiling a list of questions before your first meeting. You can also take notes during the meeting so you can reference them later.

During the meeting, you’ll be able to tell if it’s a good fit. You want a divorce attorney who fits your needs and will skillfully navigate the divorce process with you.

Tell the Divorce Attorney Your Goals

Everyone’s marriage is different, so divorces will all be different as well. Know what your goals are and articulate them clearly to your Douglasville divorce attorney. If you’re on the same page, the attorney can focus on what’s most important to you.

Call Your Douglasville Divorce Attorney Today

If you’re in the process of getting a divorce and need legal representation, contact experienced Douglasville divorce lawyers at Miller & Hightower. They can help you navigate the divorce process, protecting your property and parental rights.

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