It is summertime! Summer means a lot of different things to different people, but here in the south, summer means cookouts, homemade ice cream, pool parties, and cool summer treats. All that time with the kids home from school spent in the kitchen creating new things to beat the heat and the boredom means that much more opportunity for something to go wrong in the kitchen. Have you ever had a kitchen accident? We’re not just talking about spilled milk here.

Cheftree and offer up a wide variety of common kitchen events that can put a quick stop to the best summer party. Be careful you don’t have your day turned on its end with one of these easily preventable mishaps.

  • Slips & Falls – Whether it’s kool-aid, pool water, leftover ice cream, or the sweat of many teenagers, there are plenty of things to slip on in the kitchen.
  • Hot Stuff – That’s what you do in the kitchen…you cook stuff. When someone takes something out of the oven and puts it on the counter, who knows who is about to come in and touch it, without knowing how hot it is?
  • Sharp Stuff – It’s not just knives, but blenders, food processors, hot dog and marshmallow sticks that can easily be the center of attention and injury if someone’s not paying attention.
  • Spicy Stuff – Did you know that hot pepper juice can burn your skin? Accidentally wipe your face or eyes with hot pepper juice on your hands, and you’ll quickly reach a whole new level of spicy.
  • Chemicals – The kids are home for the summer, inviting their friends over for summer fun. We all know our kids act differently at someone else’s house than they do at home, but when your house isn’t arranged like theirs, kids can accidentally get hold of something dangerous.
  • Refrigerator fails – In addition to your refrigerator being open far more often than normal, lots of people putting lots of things into the refrigerator means it’s not going to be as organized as it usually is. You don’t want to be on the other end of a falling mayonnaise jar.
  • Cans Opened – The sharp edge of an open aluminum can is one danger that most kids have to learn about the hard way. It’s not obvious that a recently opened can be razor sharp to the touch.
  • Fire – Where there’s cooking, there’s fire, and possibly also grease. Make sure, before summer fully kicks in, that you have your fire extinguishers checked and ready.
  • That darned utensil drawer – What do you have in your junk…er, utensil drawer? It’s a great place to put all those items that don’t match, but some of them are sharp!
  • Contamination – Is that the chicken for tonight’s cookout our the shrimp for tomorrow’s low country boil? If you can’t tell which it is, you should probably throw it out.

Today, the kitchen is “where we live”, and that’s even truer in the summertime. Kids are home from school, guests are over with their kids, and we’re just in the kitchen a lot more. That simply means more probability of an accident, minor or otherwise. Be careful this summer!

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