Mother’s Day is May 13, 2018. The week prior to this holiday is the busiest week of the year for the USPS, because everyone feels the need to make their mom feel appreciated. And, as the Luke Bryan song says, “all mothers should be qualified for sainthood.” While it is important to celebrate all moms, single moms in particular face some unique challenges having to do with the law.


When it comes to custody there is physical custody and legal custody, and they are not the same. Physical custody is who the children live with. This impacts legal custody because most often, the parent with physical custody has more influence with the children. This is due to the parent having more personal time and interaction with the children.

However, physical custody is very different from legal custody. Legal custody, in simple terms, means who makes decisions for the children. These “decisions” include schools, jobs, church, college, and other life direction decisions. Quite often, these choices, made by the parent with legal custody, can heavily impact physical custody. An example of how this works: a child lives with Mom, but Dad has legal custody, and determines that the child should attend a school that is inconvenient for Mom, but very close to Dad.

Child Support

In simple terms, child support means money. It can be other things, but child support is economic in nature. Whichever parent that is responsible for making child support payments, must send a payment of a certain amount, determined by the courts, by a certain date each month. Since money is the most commonly named item in a marriage that causes stress, it is easy to understand how stressful it can be when a single mom does not receive the required amount by each date.

Always being the bad guy

Most people have heard the saying “good cop, bad cop”. In most families, children usually have different relationships with each parent. Sometimes Mom is the good cop and sometimes it’s Dad, and vise versa. But single Moms with physical custody have to be both, all the time which can create tension in an already tense situation.

We want to celebrate all mothers on Mother’s Day.  However, we recognize that single moms have a unique set of joys and challenges.  If you are a single mom in need of legal counsel then we are here for you. Please contact Mike Miller or Christopher L. Wynn for a free consultation at 770-942-2720 or visit

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