As summer comes to close and Georgia students go back to school, one of the most important items on everyone’s mind is how can we keep students and school staff safe.  Georgia schools continue to progress in the area of school safety.  This can be seen in the development of new school zones, creating awareness plans to maintain proper student care and initiatives for worst-case scenarios.

With more schools opening every week, the amount of road traffic will surge with most of the congestion around school zones. Drivers will have to navigate bus traffic, foot traffic and more cars in these zones.

Drivers need to remember that school zones have strict laws when it comes to speed and crosswalks. If a person speeds in a school zone or runs a school crosswalk stop, there is a strong possibility that a law official will ticket that person.  While there are no standard ticket charges, speeding through a school zone can lead to fines, points on your license and possibly suspensions. Drivers failing to yield to pedestrians at a crosswalk will face similar penalties.

There are also strict laws when it comes to school bus stops.  When bus lights come on, and the stop sign is extended, cars are not permitted to pass.  If the bus is stopped on a divided highway and is on the opposite side of the median, then traffic on the other side of the median can continue.  The unlawful passing of a school bus carries a minimum fine of $300 and adds six points to your driver’s license. If a driver is ticketed a second time for this offense then the fine increases to $750. The maximum fine is $1000 for any repeated violations after that within a five-year period. Many buses now have side cameras that will snap a picture of your license plate if you unlawfully pass during a loading or unloading process.

Once students enter Georgia school grounds, keeping them safe is also a top priority. The Georgia State School Chief announced that the states 2,200+ schools would receive funding to improve school security. Improvements include:

  • Security cameras
  • Fencing
  • Security Doors

“It’s our absolute first priority at the state level to make sure students have a safe, secure place to learn,” said Richard Woods, State School Superintendent.

Last year, Georgia put together an initiative called ‘Stop the Bleed.’ This initiative was designed to equip school leaders in the event of a school shooting.   Teachers and staff received necessary medical kits through this initiative which will help provide lifesaving aid in a worst-case scenario.

If you or someone you know gets a ticket due to a violation in a school zone or around a school bus, contact Miller & Wynn.  Our attorneys have decades of experience. Call us at (770)-942-2720 or visit our website at for more information.


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