Douglasville Divorce Attorneys Help Children Transition To New Circumstances

If you have been having difficulty in your marriage and are considering a divorce there are many things that a Douglasville divorce attorney can advise you on that needs to be taken into consideration, such as how assets will be divided and marital debt will be paid. But among the many important issues which need to be resolved, none are more important than determining how you will co-parent your children during and after the divorce. A Douglasville divorce attorney understands how difficult this time in your life can be, and can help guide you through the process.

As you work out your Douglasville divorce, it is very important that you put your children first by maintaining a respectful relationship with each other as you work out your parenting plan. Children, especially younger children, don’t always understand why their parents are splitting up and sometimes blame themselves. A Douglasville divorce attorney can help make the transition easier for your child/children by advising you on how to keep a respectful relationship with your spouse, and how to explain to the children what is happening in simple terms. By remaining calm and respectful and assuring the children that it’s not their fault, they will learn to cope with the new circumstances.

Parenting Issues Which Need to Be Worked Out – Douglasville Attorneys

Douglasville attorneys can help you work out the various issues you will need to settle in a divorce including those which are part of a parenting plan including:

  • Child custody – who will the child/children live with full time
  • Child co-custody – dividing living arrangements equally between two households
  • Child visitation – how to work out a schedule of visits during the regular year and on holidays
  • Child support – how much money will be needed to help raise the child/children

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