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Improperly loaded trucks are dangerous for everyone who travels on West Georgia roads. Commercial trucks that carry large unbalanced loads can be deadly. Whether you’ve suffered catastrophic injury in a semi-tractor trailer accident or lost a loved one through wrongful death, our Carrollton personal injury attorneys will protect your rights and interests by clearly presenting a no-stone-unturned case that is backed by careful investigation and solid evidence. Call our team today at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555.

Poorly secured, overloaded, or under-secured loads can shift unexpectedly, causing an imbalance that the truck’s center of gravity cannot control, resulting in a rollover accident. Drivers, company owners and managers, as well as dock workers and those involved with loading the truck, should all be familiar with blocking and bracing requirements. Miller & Hightower, Attorneys at Law, gather the evidence needed to hold all at-fault parties responsible for your damages.

An Experienced Carrollton Truck Accident Lawyer Looks For All Responsible Parties

Load shifts, rollovers, and falling debris often result in multiple negligent parties. Poorly maintained vehicles that violate annual inspection requirements that might have revealed flaws and prevented damage clearly places blame not only on the driver but on the company owners and/or managers, as well. Unfortunately, insurers oftentimes try to evade responsibility. Contact our Douglasville personal injury attorneys  to protect your rights.

Federal and state law mandates pre-trip inspection, but many trucking company employers try to cut corners by ignoring such routine safety measures, most often in cost saving maneuvers or to meet deadlines. West Georgia load shift accident lawyer Mike Miller checks log books and maintenance records, interviews witnesses and consults with accident reconstructionists to unearth the truth.

Product failure may also be a factor in a load shift truck accident. Cargo that gets loose, chains and straps that break, or locking mechanisms that fail can result in catastrophic injury. Product manufacturers that are aware of defects or distributors that ignore recalls may also be partially or fully responsible for the accident. Experienced defective product attorney Mike Miller knows that documenting and securing evidence by gathering packing and cushioning material debris and photographing where it landed can be a deciding factor in court.

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Many attorneys prefer to avoid suing multiple parties, but Douglasville wrongful death attorney Mike Miller holds management accountable when they pair heavy, high, or offset loads with inexperienced drivers unfamiliar with improper axle weight distribution or emergency steering maneuvers that prevent rollovers. When you need a personal injury lawyer to protect your interests, talk to West Georgia fatal truck accident attorney Mike Miller to discuss your case and ways he can help you.