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West Georgia personal injury lawyersat Miller & Hightower, Attorneys at Law, protect the rights of those injured in accidents caused by truck driver fatigue. Our team works hard to uncover evidence that reveals how the accident happened, why it happened, and who is responsible for the injury or wrongful death. Our lawyers’ proven track record of successful recovery assures clients of capable and skilled representation. Contact us online or call us at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555.

Experienced with accident investigation, West Georgia truck driver fatigue lawyers Michael Miller and Dustin Hightower will aggressively protect your rights and interests by using tried and true resources to draw on when examining the evidence, including medical and financial experts. When pursuing damages for a truck accident, call Miller & Hightower, Attorneys at Law, for legal representation that stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

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Driver fatigue cases oftentimes involve work duties and other circumstances may not have been considered. Accidents caused by drowsiness from lack of proper rest periods may be the fault of employers who push employee limits in order to meet unrealistic deadlines. Our experienced team of investigators know which records to request and how to detect alterations.

Many insurers attempt quick settlements in order to avoid unconsidered expenses. Their feigned concern is really a cover-up for their true intent of limiting the payout to the smallest amount possible. Before talking to the at-fault driver’s insurance company, contact our Douglasville auto accident attorneys to discuss what is fair to you.

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Carrollton personal injury attorneys at Miller & Hightower, Attorneys at Law, know that crashes caused by sleepiness due to drug use (prescription or illegal) are on the rise. DUI or other impairment may also add to driver drowsiness. To find out how we can help with your personal injury case, contact our Douglasville attorneys today. We work hard to negotiate settlements that avoid a court appearance but if negotiations and settlement offers fail, the attorneys at Miller & Hightower, Attorneys at Law, are proven tenacious defense attorneys known for their skillful courtroom expertise.

For thorough and realistic claims relating to the specifics of your truck driver fatigue case, trust our West Georgia truck accident attorneys to answer your questions, address all concerns, and give you an honest overview of your case, explaining your options and advising you in all decision making.

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