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If you’ve been hurt in a vehicular accident because of improper maintenance, the Carrollton truck accident lawyers at Miller & Hightower, Attorneys at Law, can help. Federal and State laws regulating the trucking industry’s vehicle braking and steering system, couplers, tires and wheels, as well as suspension, are often ignored by employers intent on improving company profit margins. Product design defects or inadequate materials by manufacturers and recalls that are ignored by distributors and retailers may have had a profound effect on the circumstances of the accident. Our attorneys and investigative West Georgia accident injury team at Miller & Hightower, Attorneys at Law, know the questions to ask, the records to request and the evidence to look for in cases involving poor maintenance and tractor-trailer accidents. Contact our attorneys online or call us at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555.

Douglasville Personal Injury Attorney

Our Douglasville personal injury attorneys are experienced with representing clients who have been injured in a truck accident due to maintenance negligence and know that oftentimes, there are multiple at-fault parties. He and his team work with accident reconstruction teams to get a clear picture of how the accident happened, who caused it, and why it happened. They consult with medical specialists to determine expected future medical need as well as physical accommodations.

Call our personal injury attorneys today to protect your rights and interests. We look closely at trucking company employers and their maintenance records to establish lack of preventive maintenance and periodic inspection. Poor enforcement of rules for removing unsafe vehicles from use until repairs are made or failure to follow established company or industry guidelines regarding worn components may also indicate management negligence.

With offices in Douglasville and Carrollton, GA, we serve all of West Georgia providing the expertise you need to protect your interests.

Truck Accidents Require a Skilled West GA Accident Attorney

All accident injury claims must be filed in a timely manner, but many victims hesitate to call for legal advice, preferring to focus instead on healing. While it is important to focus on healing and documenting your injuries, it is important to also contact an attorney as soon as possible. While our skilled West Georgia truck accident attorneys may still be able to help you recover a settlement for your injuries, some reimbursement may be denied or reduced because of the delay. If you’ve suffered the loss of a loved one in a vehicular death accident caused by improper truck maintenance, contact Miller & Hightower, Attorneys at Law, as soon as possible so that he can start the investigation of your accident right away before vital evidence and key witness statements are lost forever.