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Douglasville, Georgia, Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Discovering that your spouse or elderly relative is experiencing mistreatment by the people with whom you have entrusted his or her care makes you feel angry and helpless. At Miller & Wynn, Attorneys at Law, we are here to help. We provide dedicated and aggressive advocacy to protect clients throughout the state of Georgia.

If you suspect or have discovered, that your loved one is suffering at the hands of long-term health care workers, contact the Douglasville, Georgia, nursing home abuse attorneys at 770-999-1545 or toll-free at 866-338-0555.

Carrollton Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorneys

The provision of an appropriate standard of medical treatment and health care to nursing home residents is the professional responsibility of health care workers. Where they have failed to provide this level of care, they are liable for injuries caused by their negligence, including:

  • Bed sores or falls
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Injuries caused by inadequately applied physical restraints
  • Improper dosage of medication

In many cases, the reason for this kind of nursing home abuse and neglect stems from the overworked and poorly trained staff at a facility. Diligence in protecting residents from injuries caused by negligence and abuse is also the responsibility of health care administrators, who may be more concerned about profits than proper care.

Our nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers also handle cases involving sexual and physical nursing home abuse of long-term residents.

Atlanta Medical Negligence Law Firm

Has your loved one been injured due to the medical negligence of the health care professionals charged with his or her care? For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Carrollton elder abuse neglect lawyers. It is our goal to protect the rights of Georgia’s elderly and sick who require long-term health care.

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