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A seemingly harmless motorcycle ride can become deadly in a tragic instant. Due to the rider’s exposure and lack of protection, motorcycle accidents usually result in catastrophic injuries and even death in many cases. At Miller & Wynn, Attorneys at Law, we recognize the risks that motorcycle riders face and the changes many families face following a collision with a car or truck.

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Compassionate Representation From Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

No matter how visible riders try to make themselves, many drivers of cars and trucks do not pay attention to their surroundings. When an accident occurs, many people assume that the motorcyclist was at fault. However, countless accidents are caused by drivers simply not seeing the motorcycle.

At Miller & Wynn, Attorneys at Law, we provide compassionate advocacy for motorcyclists and their family members after an accident. While you attend to medical and other personal issues, our attorneys and staff will get to work building your motorcycle accident claim.

Your Legal Team

That legal team is composed of seasoned attorneys and industry experts, including accident reconstructionists. We review records and visit the site of the accident. From there, we deal with the insurance company on your behalf and work to find a solution that reflects your damages. Sometimes the solution comes through mediation. However, we do not shy away from the courtroom if we feel it is the best way to secure the compensation you deserve.

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