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Douglasville, Georgia, Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

If you are seriously injured in a drunk driving accident, you are entitled to compensation from the negligent driver. You may also be entitled to compensation from the bar or restaurant that served the driver alcohol or the liquor store that allowed him or her to purchase alcohol.

If your life has changed after being seriously injured by a drunk driver, contact the Douglasville, Georgia, drunk driving accident attorneys at Miller & Wynn, Attorneys at Law, at 770-999-1545 or toll-free at 866-338-0555. We can help.

Carrollton Dram Shop Liability Attorneys

Our seasoned and dedicated attorneys will assist you in recovering full compensation from all responsible parties when you experience injuries in a drunk driving accident.

Under Georgia law, a car accident injury victim may be able to pursue dram shop liability or social host liability in cases where death or injury was caused by one motorist or pedestrian to another motorist or pedestrian in the event of:

  • An illegal sale or service of alcohol to a minor, knowing that person would shortly after that be driving a vehicle shortly thereafter
  • Sale or service of alcohol to any individual in a “state of noticeable intoxication” knowing that person would be driving a vehicle soon after

You may also be held personally liable for injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident under a theory of negligent entrustment if you knew the driver was drunk when you loaned him or her your car or let the person drive.

This kind of liability is liberally construed by Georgia courts. For example, a convenience store is potentially liable where its clerk sold alcohol to a minor and the minor gave the alcohol to a person who went on to a commit a crime while intoxicated.

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Were you injured, or was a loved one killed, in a DUI wreck? For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our experienced Carrollton dram shop liability lawyers.

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