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Dave Cox, Fact Finder Investigations

Dave Cox is the owner and operator of Fact Finder Investigations Inc., which is located in Boise, Idaho. Dave specializes in the defense of DUI cases, is the author of How to Fight a DUI Arrest, and works nationwide as a DUI Defense Analyst and Consultant. Dave is a decorated former police officer and he devoted most of his time as a police officer to DUI enforcement. He has performed the Standard Field Sobriety Tests on thousands of people. Dave arrested over 1,000 people for DUI throughout his career, with over 200 arrests for DUI – Drugs. He was named the 2003 State DUI Enforcement Officer of the Year.

Dave was trained as a certified Drug Recognition Expert. He was certified in the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and was also trained as a certified operator of both the Intoxilyzer 5000 and the Intoxilyzer 8000. Dave was a regular speaker at Victim Impact Panels and taught DUI Detection classes at the Citizen’s Police Academy. Dave testified in hundreds of DUI trials and hearings as an officer and knows how to get an officer to testify in ways that benefit the defense.

Dave teaches attorneys across the United States how to successfully defend DUI cases. Dave developed the Understanding and Defending DUI Cases training course and he taught this course in Macon, Georgia in March of 2009. Over the past year, Dave has taught the Understanding and Defending DUI Cases training course 30 times in 21 different states.

Like Miller & Wynn, Dave believes that the best way to fight a DUI case is to start by getting as much information as possible about the case. Although the attorney’s at Miller & Wynn have much of the same expert training that Dave has, we as your attorneys can not testify on your behalf. When our cases need expert assessment in preparation for trial, Dave evaluates the police report and all other associated paperwork along with any available audio and video tapes. He then produces a detailed written report that documents each of the important facts for the case. Dave specifically looks for areas where the officer did not follow his training, did not conduct a thorough investigation, conducted the field sobriety tests improperly, left important information out of the police report, misinterpreted his observations, and failed to make observations consistent with an impaired driver. Dave also identifies as many facts as possible that will show that a driver was not impaired. Once the strengths and weaknesses of the case have been identified, a plan for defending the case can be formulated. Dave then assists prior to trial by preparing cross examination questions for the officer that are designed to get the officer to testify positively for the defense. While preparing these questions, Dave utilizes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) police training manuals that are used nationwide to train officers in DUI enforcement. Dave cross references these questions to the officer’s own NHTSA police training manuals. By doing this, the officer is forced to testify according to his training manuals. If the officer does not testify consistent with his training, his own training manuals will be used to discredit his testimony. Without a doubt, Dave Cox’s expert assessment has helped Miller & Hightower become one of the premier DUI Defense firms in West Georgia.

Visit Fact Finder Investigations Inc. at www.factfinderinvestigations.com

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