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Amy Newton, Paralegal

Amy Newton grew up in Douglasville, Georgia. She attended Douglas County High School. Upon graduation from DCHS, Amy pursued a degree from Augusta College in Augusta, Georgia. Her career in law began in 1996, when she began working with Kenneth L. Shigley, Esq., a well known Atlanta lawyer whose practice focuses on personal injury, wrongful death, and trucking cases. At the Shigley Law Firm, Amy was introduced to the litigation process and became familiar with the Georgia Superior and State Court procedures. Amy has worked with other attorneys in the Atlanta and Douglasville area gaining experience in a wide range of legal matters including personal injury litigation, commercial litigation, domestic cases, juvenile cases, criminal defense, and real estate closings.

In 1999, Amy returned to her hometown and accepted a paralegal position with a local, Douglasville with a firm of whose main focus was litigating criminal defense, personal injury and domestic issues. In 2000 Amy began working with Hartley, Rowe & Fowler, P.C. where she worked on commercial litigation, workers’ compensation, and personal injury cases. In 2006, Amy accepted a paralegal position from Mike Miller who brought her into his firm of Michael J. Miller, P.C., wherein Amy was able to utilize all of her prior experience of ten years and assist Mike in the handling of the firm’s criminal defense and person injury cases. Today, Amy primarily manages Miller & Wynn’s personal injury practice, working to help our clients receive compensation for injuries received by the acts of others.

Amy is a vital part of Miller & Wynn’s hometown team of professionals. Growing up in Douglasville and living in Paulding County, Amy stays involved in the Douglas County and Paulding County communities and she works hard to take care of her neighbors who rely on Miller & Wynn.

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