There is no doubt that giving back is the right thing to do. However, did you know that beyond feeling good about what you’re doing in the community in which you live, it has been proven that companies which practice corporate social responsibility will significantly outperform their counterparts over the long-term in terms of revenue and growth.

Not only can you and your team make a significant difference for the area, according to recent studies, employees are more satisfied with their jobs when they are allowed to take a day for community service. In addition, 59% of Americans are more likely to buy a product associated with a corporate-nonprofit partnership.

Through volunteerism, team members can build a better community and create more opportunities for you to meet others and network. Taking the time to network has several advantages, including developing important relationships, creating business opportunities, and receiving advice and assistance.  Networking allows team members to get to know people on a more personal level and helps develop those relationships that will benefit the business in the long-run.

The variety of ways to give back to the community are endless. Hopefully, by sharing some of the approaches that I’ve taken, they can inspire you to find a similar path:

  • Scholarships – I established the Carol J. Miller Memorial Scholarship in honor of my mother at Douglas County High School. A student with perfect attendance is awarded $500. It’s trite, but the children are our future and I’ve chosen to help the student who went the extra mile to attend school every single day.
  • Government – There are numerous opportunities to participate in your government on multiple levels. I have been involved with the Georgia Legislature, Douglas County Board of Education and currently serve as a City Councilman. Committees are another great way to get involved to make a difference, where I served as chairman of the Downtown Development Committee for Economic Development.
  • American Legion – Giving back to those who were willing to sacrifice everything for our country was an easy decision for me. Speaking to our vets and offering assistance through my line of work brings me personal pride.
  • Dog Training Classes – What are you passionate about? I love hunting with my dogs and want to share my knowledge with others who have a similar interest.
  • Volunteer Youth Coach & Boy Scout Leader – Again, you have to find the things that you have knowledge, but also will keep you motivated and interested to stick with it for the long haul. I’ve been able to hire interns through the young leaders I’ve met through these programs.

So in conclusion, I encourage you to find ways to get involved and help your community this summer.

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