When Lack of Self-Control Leads to Deliberate Serious Injury in Douglas County, Accountability Will Follow

As society changes, anger management seems to be an increasingly difficult self-control mechanism to employ. Whether by mental disorder or deliberate revenge, when someone loses their temper to the point where they cause physical harm and/or property damage, it’s time to hold them accountable. Family members are oftentimes hesitant to turn an abuser in, but doing just that will help not only the victim, but the abuser, as well. Left unaddressed, unchecked physical violence only escalates.

Many family members believe that standing by a wrongdoer protects their loved one. Others want to believe it was an isolated incident, but those who have never learned to control their temper usually repeat their bad behavior, as was the case, according to the Douglas County District Attorney, with Vanessa Garrett-Rogers, a twenty-eight year old Douglas County woman.

Ms. Garrett-Rogers, according to the DA, was a woman scorned. When she came looking for Darius Rowe, the boyfriend who had broken up with her, witnesses attested that she became irate when told he wasn’t home and threatened to return with “her people” later. That evening, as the ex-boyfriend walked home, Ms. Rogers deliberately and willfully ran her victim down with her Toyota 4Runner SUV (causing serious skull and hand injury as well as a fractured femur and dislocated pelvis), dragging Mr. Rowe several feet before backing over him and driving away.

Victims Need a Skilled a Douglasville Injury Lawyer, Whether Injured by Accident or Deliberate Act

Ms. Rogers’ defense team claimed that a drug deal was to blame, but the prosecution produced evidence revealing that seven months prior to the injury she caused to Mr. Rowe, Ms. Rogers had attempted to run down another boyfriend, who, coincidently enough, had broken up with her. Was hit and run as retaliation fast becoming her modus operandi? Mr. Rowe’s injuries were serious. He will likely have years of medical issues before him. It is important for every Georgia victim of physical violence to seek legal counsel from a skilled Douglasville injury lawyer as soon as possible, since medical bills mount up quickly.

Darius Rowe did receive justice. Charged with Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault and Leaving the Scene for running down her ex-boyfriend, Ms. Garrett-Rogers pleaded guilty and Chief Superior Court Judge Robert J. James handed down a 30 year sentence that began on January 2nd of this year. She will spend twelve years in prison and upon release, another eighteen years on probation, as well as pay restitution of over $57,000 to Mr. Rowe. It is hoped that the harsh sentence will keep her in check, and that the rest of society at large is safe from her anger control issues.

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