Being involved in an accident with a commercial truck is different than an accident with another passenger car.  And, with so many large trucks on the highways and interstates, the number of accidents involving commercial trucks is increasing annually.  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, (FMCSA), the number of truck-involved accidents has increased by 20% in the past two decades. Because being involved in a commercial truck collision is so different, there are several things you need to keep in mind should you or a loved one be involved in such an incident.

  1. Get an Attorney – Contact an attorney immediately to discuss your accident.  There are so many laws pertaining to truck drivers that may not apply to the typical car driver.  An accident attorney will know these laws and how best to defend you against aggressive commercial trucking lawyers. The driver and his company could be responsible for all of your damages – both to your vehicle and to you and your passengers.
  2. Call the Police – Make sure an official Police report is filed.  Even if the truck driver insists there is no damage worth reporting, report it anyway.
  3. Report it immediately – Make sure you report the accident to your insurance company.  Send them the accident report, but allow your attorney to answer all the difficult questions for you. Remember, do not sign anything without consulting with legal counsel.
  4. Let your Lawyer Do The Talking – Do not talk with other insurance providers, such as the trucking company’s insurance company, or any representatives from the commercial trucking company.  Allow your attorney to represent you with all other insurance companies.  Make sure your lawyer looks at all documents before you sign anything.  
  5. Take Pictures – Make sure to take pictures of the accident scene.  You need photos of your vehicle, the truck, and any damages that were received during the accident.  All accident scene photos are evidence and can help you later in demonstrating exactly what happened at the scene.
  6. Give Your Lawyer All the Info – Make sure you forward all information to your legal team.  If there were witnesses to the accident or pictures of the damage at scene, get their contact information to your attorney as soon as possible. All information is valuable to your case.
  7. Go to the Doctor – See a doctor to determine whether or not you and all of your passengers were physically harmed in the accident.  You may not feel hurt the day of but the day after will more like bring pain.  See a doctor as soon as possible after the accident.  

Accidents involving commercial trucks can be scary and sometimes deadly.  Make sure you are taken care of if you find yourself in this situation.  Contact Miller & Wynn.  Our locally-based attorneys have decades of experience. Call Mike Miller or Christopher L. Wynn for a free consultation at 770-942-2720 or visit

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