May is high school and college graduation month. What could possibly be better than ending one chapter of life and eyeing the beginning of the next? The time leading up to the actual ceremony is filled with so many emotions, and the time afterward can be loaded with planning, decisions, and uncertainty. While this is a grand occasion, one must always be aware of some things that come with such a life change.

Yes! You Made It!

It is a time to celebrate. Whether you are the parent or the graduate, finishing high school or college is a momentous occasion worthy of being celebrated. Enjoy the moment. In fact, you may want to do more than just enjoying the moment. Take stock in what you or your child has accomplished to get to this point. Think about what you all had to overcome and any major life-changing moments along the way. Years from today, being able to look back and remember not only that you accomplished something great, but how you accomplished it can be very fulfilling.  This allows you to pass along encouragement to others.

Beware the Emotional Roller Coaster

Will you graduate? The answer to that question may not come until right near the time. Waiting for the final answer can be a very stressful time. Then many graduates have to decide what to do next.  This creates many emotions all at one time.

Many people honor graduates by hosting a party or gathering.  However, many lives have been changed forever by celebrating a little too much or making one seemingly insignificant decision in the heat of the moment. Be careful, and remember that, while graduating is worthy of celebration, it is also the first page in the next chapter.

Failure to Launch

During this time, some people experience a setback.  This setback could be emotional or financial. However, not graduating on time does not mean anything is over. Going back to finish may be uncomfortable, or even humiliating, but it may have to be done. Stay on course to graduate and do not stop.  

Focus on the Future

Remember to focus on the future.  Learn from the past – successes and mistakes – and use what is learned to go forward.  

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 and to the proud parents.  If you need any legal help in the future please contact us by visiting or by calling 770-942-2720.

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