Divorce is never easy no matter the circumstances, and the laws surrounding divorce vary from state to state. Before a couple considers divorce, they should always try to reconcile their differences.  However, if reconciliation is not possible, retaining a licensed divorce attorney should be your first step.  A divorce attorney knows the laws and can help navigate through the proceedings.

The quickest or easiest divorce is known as “uncontested divorce”.  However, there are criteria that must be met before filing for an uncontested divorce.

No Minor Children

One of the major criteria for determining if your situation can be classified as an uncontested divorce is children.  If you and your spouse have children who are minors, then you will not be eligible for an uncontested divorce. The reason for this qualification is that issues such as child support, alimony, and child custody are extremely contentious and complicated issues.  This makes the legal proceedings ineligible for an uncontested agreement.


An uncontested divorce does not mean that one party is not contesting the divorce.  The term means that both sides agree on everything that could be contested in a divorce proceedings. Some of these areas include money, real estate, and personal property.


States vary in the length of time it takes to process an uncontested divorce.  In some locations, the proceedings can take two days in other states as long as 180 days. In Georgia, if both parties agree on everything, a judge may grant the divorce decree in 31 days.


Most divorces are expensive.  Usually there are long legal battles to settle issues between parties.  With an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on the issues. Therefore, the cost of an uncontested divorce can be as little as a few hundred dollars to file the court fees.

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