Georgia domestic violence affects everyone – the victim, the community, innocent children, as well as friends and family. The Georgia Commission of Family Violence or GCFV, reports that the State of Georgia ranks 10th in the nation for the rate of fatalities of women due to Georgia domestic violence. In addition, in 43% of domestic violence cases where there was a fatality, children were present to see, hear and live through this violent act. According to the Georgia Coalition against Domestic Violence, nearly 25,000 orders of protection are issued each year.

Georgia Domestic Violence Statistics

Domestic violence is not limited to the State of Georgia. Domestic violence is a daily occurrence, a daily crime throughout this country. In the U.S. three women every day lose their lives from a domestic violence dispute, and every nine-seconds a women becomes the victim of domestic violence. These numbers are too great to ignore. Georgia domestic violence can happen in the home or apartment next to you. It can happen to your co-worker, the cashier at the local market, your child’s teacher, and even your grandmother. No one is immune — everyone is affected by this growing problem.

Douglasville Domestic Violence Takes Many Forms

Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive behaviors or coercive control that the abuser will use to gain control and power over another person. The victim who is usually a woman as reported through police records, can actually be anyone of any age.  Cases of domestic violence top the list for the causes of injury to women; Georgia domestic violence cases occur more often than rape, car accidents or muggings.  If you have been the victim of domestic violence make a completely confidential call to your Douglasville domestic violence attorneys and take that first step out of your situation and away from the pain.

The picture most people envision when they hear “domestic violence” is one where the victim has been physically beaten, hit, and beaten. The truth is that the injuries received may not be seen or leave no physical marks. There are many forms ofGeorgiadomestic violence that our friends, neighbors, and acquaintances are faced with every day.

  • Physical Domestic Violence: The victim may be beaten, hit, burned, bit, punched, pinched or endure physical harm and injury. This type of domestic violence includes being forced to take drugs, being made to stay in the house, having their wheelchair or leg brace taken away, or being denied prescribed medication.
  • Psychological Domestic Violence: This form of abuse takes months to years where the victim becomes confused and unsure of how they feel, and they may start to believe all the lies they are constantly told about themselves. This is a difficult situation for the victim to be able to take a stand; often family and friends step in to help the victim get out from under this form of domestic violence.
  • Sexual Domestic Violence: This form of abuse occurs when the victim has to endure being hurt during sex, or has to perform sexual acts against their will. The victim often lives with the abuse as they fear the consequences of making their partner angry. This type of Georgia domestic violence may go on for years without friends or family realizing what is happening.
  • Emotional Domestic Violence: The victim in this situation is typically humiliated in front of friends and family. The victim begins to feel over time that they are the reason there is a problem, that they are to blame for real or made-up problems. The victim lives in fear of making their abuser angry – this is a common thread throughout all forms of Georgia domestic violence – fear.
  • Economic Domestic Violence:  The victim in this case is not allowed to handle the money, bills, or allowed to know anything about the household finances. The victim is very often not allowed to work or go to school; many victims of Georgia economic domestic violence start out working or going to school but often have to quit to appease their abuser. This form of domestic abuse directly affects the community and workforce with over 8-million dollars of paid time lost directly related to domestic violence in the U.S.

Call on the lawyers who has proven their experience and legal competence through the Georgia Courts helping victims to finally break the chains of domestic violence – make the call to Miller & Hightower your Douglasville domestic violence law team for your free confidential consultation to go over your specific case and situation.

Douglasville Domestic Violence Attorneys

Are you ready to take that first step toward freedom from your pain and anguish? Call your Douglasville domestic violence law team of Miller & Hightower for a free confidential discussion of your specific situation.  If you are unable to call or come in to the office we can work with you to explore alternate plans.  The attorneys Miller &  Hightower make a powerful team to step up legal protection, plan for a safe retreat or house, and work with you to explore all the options to start rebuilding your life.

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