Georgia DUI laws have become much stricter with the addition of a felony level DUI charge. The new felony level DUI conviction will have an immediate effect on all repeat offenders. The reports that the new Georgia DUI law will require 1st time offenders to undergo strict, court-supervised substance abuse treatment. Those Georgia DUI drivers who accumulate 4-convictions within 10-years will receive mandatory felony jail time. This Georgia DUI law is part of the state DUI crackdown “Operation Zero Tolerance” and allows for the court to sentence repeat offenders to strict punishments and a life-altering felony conviction.

Georgia DUI Offenders Ranked 7th in the Nation

Georgia DUI is a serious problem with one out of every three traffic deaths alcohol related.  The State of Georgia is ranked 7th in the nation with the number of DUI offenders.  Georgia records indicate that there were 45,598 3rd time and 5,782 5th time DUI offenders – under the new Georgia DUI law a 4th DUI and additional DUI convictions would become a felony charge. The national association of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, or MADD, reports that in the U.S. a person is killed in a drunken driving crash every 52 minutes – that adds up to 10,228 people a year who had their life cut short through a DUI incident.

Georgia DUI Fines and Penalties

Under Georgia DUI law, felony charges can occur with the 4th DUI conviction. If you have been arrested or charged you need immediate expert legal counsel. A highly experienced Georgia DUI lawyer may have your charge reduced, or even dismissed from your driving record.  The 1st and 2nd Georgia DUI convictions are considered misdemeanors; the 3rd is treated as a high and aggravated misdemeanor, but the 4th Georgia DUI conviction within a 10-year time period is treated as a felony. Retaining the services of an expert Georgia DUI law firm means the difference between having a misdemeanor or a felony criminal record which will impact on your employment, ability to obtain a home or business loan, adopt a child, secure child custody, or receive financial aid to name a few.

A Georgia DUI attorney understands the complex DUI law and exactly how to fight the charges placed against you. Georgia DUI fines and penalties for each level of conviction follow:

  • 1st Georgia DUI conviction: $1,000 fine, 10-days to 1-year jail time, minimum 40 hours community service for those with DUI at .08 BAC or above, or minimum 20 hours of community service for DUI below .08 BAC, completion of a Georgia DUI alcohol or drug use risk reduction program, a clinical evaluation and treatment, 1-year probation.
  • 2nd Georgia DUI charge: $1,000 fine, 90-days to 1-year in jail, minimum of 72-hours actual jail time, minimum 30-days community service, completion of a Georgia DUI alcohol or drug risk reduction program, a clinical evaluation and completion of necessary treatment, and 1-year of probation.
  • 3rd time Georgia DUI charge: $5,000 fine,120 days to 1-year jail time with minimum 15 days of actual jail time, minimum 30 days community service, completion of Georgia DUI alcohol or drug risk reduction program, a clinical evaluation and necessary treatment, and 1-year probation.
  • 4th time and further Georgia DUI convictions:$5,000 fines,1-year to 5-year jail time with minimum 90-days actual jail time, minimum 60-days community service, completion of Georgia DUI alcohol or drug risk reduction program, a clinical evaluation and treatment, and 5-years’probation.

Whether the DUI charge you are facing is your 1st or not, you will need representation from an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney. Call the West Georgia attorneys at Miller & Hightower today for legal help.

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