Motorcycling is a hobby that many people engage in for enjoyment and stress relief. So, researching insurance coverage is not something you want to deal with to dampen your fun. Due to the state of the economy, many people (riders and drivers alike) buy the least expensive insurance coverage possible – or go without it altogether.

As we see it, there are basically three general ways to go regarding motorcycle insurance:

  1. Buy solid comprehensive coverage.
  2. Buy the cheapest insurance possible
  3. Go without insurance (the “hope and pray method,” even though this method is illegal)

You might say, “What does a lawyer know about what insurance to get? Isn’t that the job of the insurance agent?”

Statistically, motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of accident and injury than their car driving counterparts. Tragically, people often don’t realize they’re not covered by the right type and amount of insurance until after an accident, when it’s too late to change their policy to cover the damages from that accident. That’s when the lawyers get involved trying to determine what coverage is available to cover the mounting hospital bills.

Insurance agents, insurance adjusters and lawyers typically get involved in the insurance process at different times. Insurance agents sell the policy at the beginning, before anything goes wrong. Insurance adjusters deal with the claim in the middle, after something goes wrong. And lawyers fight at the end over who gets what and how much.

As an attorney, I have to deal with the aftermath of the accident. Sometimes you need to see the end result to understand the importance of how to avoid the problem to begin with… when the policy is being purchased.

My heart oftentimes gets torn apart when I have a client who has been in an accident and accrues more than four million dollars in hospital charges. Only to discover that the other party only has $75,000 in insurance coverage.

At Miller & Wynn, we recommend reviewing your policy, especially if you ride motorcycles, to ensure you have the right amount of coverage needed.

Most insurance agents are removed from the claims process. Your agent most likely will not be involved with any part of the claim process or any litigation that may follow if you and your insurance company can’t agree on coverage or the amount of your claim.

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