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Douglasville, GA Visitation Attorney

When a couple with children go through a Georgia divorce, among many issues which must be resolved is the working out of a visitation plan for the noncustodial parent or in the case of joint custody, dividing time evenly between both parents. It is important at a time like this, when emotions can run high, to always remember to put the interests of the children first. A Douglasville, GA, divorce attorney, can help guide you through this process. Call our attorneys at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555 for help in your divorce matters.

The Georgia parenting plan encourages spouses or ex -spouses to work out the details of how they will raise their children including custody and visitation. When parents are unable to agree, the court will become involved and then both parents will have to abide by their decision. Divorce attorneys can offer guidance and help protect parental rights in working out a parenting plan.

In the event that you are having difficulty working out your parenting plan with your spouse, it would be wise to consult with a divorce attorney to assist you in arriving at the best way to handle custody and in setting up a workable visitation schedule. It is always better to work out your own parenting plan rather than leave it up to an impersonal court who does not know you or your children.

Carrollton Divorce Attorneys Successfully Work Out Visitation Schedules

A Carrollton divorce attorney will work to set up a visitation schedule that will work for both parents and not be too disruptive for the children. Dividing up time for special occasions and holidays must also be worked out. Every family is different, and deciding what will work for you will depend on things like the ages of the children, work schedules, school and extracurricular activities, traveling distance between homes, and if the children have a strong attachment to a particular parent.

Another issue which can affect custody and visitation is whether there has been past domestic violence in the home. Because these situations can make working out a parenting plan more complex a Douglasville visitation attorney, experienced at handling these types of cases, can help you successfully work through all these issues.

In Georgia, a parent cannot withhold visitation because the other parent may be behind on child support payments. A visitation lawyer will always remind you how important it is for children to maintain a regular and recurring schedule allowing them to spend quality time with each parent. Parenting plans including visitation are not written in stone. As situations change, Douglasville visitation attorneys know it may be necessary to modify arrangements and any new situation can be addressed when the need arises.

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If you are finding it difficult working with the other parent to determine custody and establish a visitation schedule, contact Douglasville, GA divorce attorneys to help protect your parental rights and guide you in your decisions.

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