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Douglasville Uncontested Divorce

Not all divorces are contested. From Douglasville to Carrollton, many adults decide to part ways amicably, a cost-effective timesaver for everyone involved, including children. Balancing the goal of family peace with the protection of rights requires the right combination of knowledge and tact. An experienced Douglasville uncontested divorce lawyer  like those at Miller & Hightower understand state law as well as the need for a smooth transition. Call our attorneys today at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555.

A missed deadline or failure to qualify can mean the difference between quick resolution and extended delays. For instance, a residency of six months or more (except in certain cases such as military service), as well as a separation of at least two years, is required in order to comply with state law. Mike Miller at Miller & Wynn, Douglasville and Carrollton uncontested divorce attorney, ensures that all details are addressed, from Douglasville child custody agreements to Carrollton support payment resolution.

A Carrollton Divorce Lawyer Protects Your Financial Interests

A Carrollton, GA uncontested divorce settlement may also include negotiations for property division and/or alimony payments. It is important to seek guidance regarding these important decisions, because they carry long-term consequences if not carefully considered. At Miller & Wynn, our Carrollton uncontested divorce lawyers understand how such decisions can affect the future, especially when estate planning is a consideration. When you call us, you are assured that all options will be explored and that your legal rights will be protected.

Douglasville And Atlanta Divorce Attorneys

A West Georgia uncontested divorce avoids a waste of time, money, and emotional stress. The mutually agreed upon settlement is usually upheld by Georgia Superior court, unless it is deemed to be detrimental to the child’s best interests and/or grossly unequal, avoiding unnecessary delay. The mature handling of the dissolution of marriage creates an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect, as well as setting a good example for the children on how to resolve conflict.

Contact Douglasville divorce attorney Mike Miller at Miller & Wynn today to discuss the details of your divorce needs. We represent clients concerning all facets of family law needs in the West Georgia vicinity, serving Douglas County, Douglasville, Carroll County, and Carrollton.

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