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Douglasville Property Division Lawyer

Whether your divorce is contested or not, protecting your financial rights is essential. The equitable division of property owned by divorcing couples is not only required by law, it is key to financial security. To better understand long-term needs and ramifications, divorcing couples should call a Douglasville property division lawyer. Property purchased using marital assets, regardless of title or source of payment, must also be divided in an equitable manner when the couple dissolves their marriage.  A qualified estate planning lawyer will review all options and the best settlement for their particular circumstance. Call the attorneys at Miller & Wynn today at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555.

A Carrollton GA Property Division Attorney Ensures Compliance With State Law

State guidelines are clear: property division must be equitable, even with uncontested agreements. A Douglasville  property division attorney can assist with the process. Several factors will come under consideration when establishing a fair negotiation. Jointly owned property, property acquired separately during marriage, property owned prior to marriage, and property that has increased in value due to the actions of a spouse will each be treated differently. Some, such as inherited property and certain gifts, are exempt.

Equitable does not necessarily mean an even distribution, however. In this case, the courts define “equitable” with “fair to all parties” in matters of West Georgia property division. Retirement benefits are considered marital assets, as well as financial status and earning capacity and will be taken into consideration, as will the debts of each party. Spousal wrongdoing during the marriage may result in a diminished value and future needs, including retirement, may affect the final settlement. While deciding on a workable solution involves some give and take, one side should not overly favor the other. Mike Miller at Miller & Wynn, a Carrollton divorce attorney  is an experienced negotiator who will litigate, if necessary, to ensure the rights of his clients.

Call A Douglasville Family Lawyer For Your Property Division Needs

When you need to divide marital property in a Douglasville divorce, call or email an experienced Carrollton property division lawyer that is familiar with estate planning and knows state law requirements and how to protect your rights. Our experienced team of property division attorneys will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your options and let us help you to obtain the highest possible settlement in your best interest.

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