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Douglasville, Georgia, Child Custody Lawyers

At Miller & Wynn, Attorneys at Law, we recognize how important your children are to you, and will compassionately and aggressively pursue a fair custody arrangement, while keeping in mind the stress of this process on your family, especially your children.

Please contact our Douglasville, Georgia, child custody attorneys online or call us at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555 to schedule an appointment.

Carrollton Parenting Time Attorneys

In creating child custody and parenting time plans, a court will place great importance on an arrangement created by the parents. In the event of a child custody dispute, the court will consider the best interests of your children in determining which parent should have sole physical custody, or whether the parents should share custody.

Under Georgia law, the court will consider the input of children over the age of 11 regarding child custody, but the court will still put great emphasis on the best interests of the child. Regarding children over the age of 14, the judge will still consider the best interests of the child, but will generally follow the wishes of the child.

Post-Divorce Modification of Child Custody

Our family law attorneys can also help you seek modification of your child custody and parenting time plans. These plans can be modified at any time after the divorce, but once the initial modification has been completed, additional modifications are only available after 2 years. In general, to seek a modification there must be a substantial change in circumstances such as:

  • One of the children in question turning 18
  • Child relocation
  • One or both former spouses getting a new job or increase in income
  • One or both former spouses losing his or her job or having a decrease in income

We can also assist with enforcement of your court order through a contempt action, in cases where your former spouse is not respecting the parenting time schedule or paying his or her child support.

Atlanta Relocation Dispute Law Firm

For compassionate Carrollton parenting time lawyers who will relentlessly fight to protect your rights in your children, contact us online or call our office at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555 to schedule an appointment. We are here for you.

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