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Douglasville, GA Alimony Attorney

When a divorce occurs, emotions are easily triggered. Douglasville alimony lawyers believe that tactfully brokering a mutually acceptable agreement helps all parties move forward. First and foremost, though, is protecting our client’s rights concerning assets and debts. Residents of Douglas and Carroll County have come to rely on the professionalism, experience, and knowledge of Douglasville divorce attorneys for all aspects of family law needs, including divorce proceedings, in the West Georgia vicinity. From visitation to child custody and alimony to child support, we work hard through mediation and/or litigation, that serves the best interests of our client. For help in your family law matters, call us today at 770-999-1545 or toll free at 866-338-0555.

Alimony is a tool used to prevent an unbalanced division of assets in a divorce. The topic can be emotionally charged, so you need experienced and skilled negotiators on your side. Our Carrollton divorce attorneys understand the delicate balance of diplomacy and gentle pressure needed when mediating an amicable agreement and have a strong record of bringing parties to mutually acceptable terms. Successful litigators that protect the rights and assets of clients when an inflexible spouse refuses to cooperate, whether arranging an initial agreement or working out a modification, is key to your peace of mind.

Douglasville Divorce Lawyer

How eligibilty is determined

There are no set guidelines for determining eligibility for alimony, whether you are seeking alimony or being asked to pay spousal support. Since amount and duration are negotiable, you need the expertise of a Douglasville alimony attorney to obtain the best possible settlement for your particular situation. The first determination to be made is entitlement. Age, health, and earnings of each spouse will be considered, as well as the number of years our client was married. Established standard of living and future capacity to make a living, dependent children, their ages, and needs are also factors as is past behavior for both spouses that will weigh for or against your favor.

Carrollton and Douglasville Alimony Attorney

An experienced investigative team knows which records to request and which questions to ask when building an alimony case and searches for hidden assets, unreported income and overlooked benefits that effectively increase yearly income. When a change in employment or other income occurs and a modification is necessary, a Douglasville divorce attorney helps clients to petition the courts, presenting the case in the best interest of the client in order to win a favorable ruling.

From Carrollton to Douglasville and the surrounding West Georgia vicinity, the Douglasville divorce attorneys at Miller & Wynn will advise you and protect your interests, rights and assets concerning alimony/spousal support, including modification, or defending against it, when separating or divorcing. Call or email Miller & Wynn, Douglasville family law attorneys, today for a free consultation of your case.

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