College Students: Don’t Let One Moment Ruin Your Life

College is an exciting chapter in life.  During this time, students experience opportunities such as building lasting relationships, discovering who they are and enjoying life in new ways. For many college life is freedom from mom and dad or other parental figures.

Even though college is a time of freedom, students must learn to be responsible.  Some college responsibilities include registering for classes, doing assignments and declaring a major.  They also learn how to be responsible for their choices.

Making good or right choices can move students towards a bright future.  On the other hand, making bad or wrong choices can cause students to endure negative consequences, possibly for the rest of their lives.   

A common bad choice among college students involves drinking alcohol and then driving.  Many times these students are under the legal drinking age of 21. This choice can lead to DUI charges, drinking underage charges or an accident that involves serious injuries or possibly death.   At that moment, students are not thinking about the negative consequences such as jail time and/or living with injuries/death of others.

Over a hundred thousand students between the ages of 18-24 are arrested for alcohol related offenses each year according to the Addiction Center. The use of illicit drugs has increased by almost 10% over the past decade as reported by the Addiction Source.

Peer pressure plays a role in these situations especially when friends consuming alcohol or using drugs seem to be enjoying themselves.  They even may drive while under the influence and never get charged. However, the reality is that doing these things are not as harmless and fun as they look.  

On college campuses, heroin and other opioid substances have become the drug of choice. The Drug War Facts has projected that 23%-38% of new heroin users become dependent on the drug.

The heavy use of alcohol and/or other drug related substances can hinder educational goals and lead to lifelong struggles.  Legally, alcohol and drug related crimes can remain on personal records making it hard to finish college and to find employment.  So do not let one moment or bad choice lead you to negative consequences.

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