Happy New Year: Time to Review Your Legal Needs

Happy New Year: Time to Review Your Legal Needs By Michael Miller You never think you’ll need an attorney, until you do. In fact, there are numerous situations where you need to be prepared and be ready to protect yourself with some advance planning through the assistance of an attorney. As we begin 2016, here are some [...]

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Turn Your Final Wishes into a Will That is Incontestable

There comes a point in life when drafting a will becomes important in providing for the family, business, and significant others, or in setting up life trusts and disbursements that will continue on long after you are gone. A properly drafted Georgia will is the document where you can list and specify exactly what you [...]

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Georgia Estate Planning is Important, Even for Young Families

Young Families in Douglas County and Carroll County Should Start Georgia Estate Planning Now Rather Than Later Georgia estate planning is important, even for young families who don’t think they need it. We get it. You’re busy. The kids need medical check-ups and rides to extra curricular activities and you’re still relatively young, so who [...]

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