Don’t Park in Handicapped Spaces

By Dusty Hightower Do the Right Thing: Leave Handicap Spots Open for Those Who Truly Need Them By State Representative Dustin Hightower, Attorney at Law The misuse of handicap hangtags is something that, sadly, is all too common in today’s society. Disabled people are increasingly having a more difficult time finding a parking spot, as [...]

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Driver’s License Points Reduction on Georgia Traffic Citations Saves License Suspension

Georgia drivers familiar with the Point System know that Georgia traffic citations have points attached that add on to your Georgia driving record. Georgia Drivers with traffic violations that add up to 15 points in a 24-month period have their driver’s license suspended. Georgia traffic citations vary in the points assigned from 2 points to [...]

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Number of Georgia Uninsured Motorists Higher Than National Average

For most people, owning or leasing a car means that they also have purchased car insurance. However, statistics say that in the United States 1 in 7 drivers are uninsured. There are more uninsured drivers in Georgia than the national average, 1 in 6 drivers in Georgia drive without insurance. In all states, with the [...]

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Understanding the DMV Point System in Georgia

For most adults, a driver's license is an essential part of life. We use our vehicles to get to work, buy groceries and care for our families. There are a number of reasons you could be facing Georgia driver's license suspension. If your license is going to be, or has been, suspended for traffic citations, you should contact [...]