Is There More Than One Insurer Involved in Your Georgia Uninsured/Underinsured Injury Claim?

One Settlement May Affect the Other When Georgia drivers purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist protection, they expect to be covered to the full extent of their policy limits. Unfortunately, many of them don’t fully understand policy limits as they pertain to Georgia law. When Randolph Adams suffered catastrophic injuries in a car crash caused by another person [...]

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Is Georgia Hit and Run Law Unconstitutional? The State Supreme Court Says No

In an Effort to Evade Responsibility, Guilty Driver Claims Georgia Hit and Run Law as Unconstitutional, but State Supreme Court Disagrees The Georgia hit and run law OCGA § 40–6–270(a) is not unconstitutional, according to a State Supreme Court of Georgia ruling. In fact, it could be argued that when 44 year old Walter E. [...]

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Women Suffer Complications From Essure Birth Control, but Pharmaceutical Company Cannot be Sued for Defective Medical Device Injury

Pharmaceutical Company Exempt From Defective Medical Device Injury Claims The manufacturers of Essure Patch permanent birth control claim that it is a non-surgical, cheaper and safer alternative than tubal ligation. The way it works is straightforward: a micro-coil is inserted in each of a woman’s fallopian tubes. Scar tissue forms, creating a barrier that prevents [...]

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Georgia’s Daylight Savings Time Ends – Watch For Pedestrians

As Georgia’s Daylight Savings Time Ends, Be Alert For Pedestrians to Avoid Car Accidents in the Carrollton and Douglasville Area As Daylight Savings Time ends, motorists need to pay extra attention to potential driving hazards in the early morning and evening hours. Recent accidents involving motorists and pedestrians drive that point home. A Cobb County [...]

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Where’s the Justice for the Family of Victim of Georgia Road Rage?

Protecting the Rights of Victims of Georgia Road Rage When road rage leads to serious injury or wrongful death, victims and families of victims oftentimes wonder if the wrongdoer will be brought to justice. Even when they are, Appellate Courts may reverse the conviction. On July 27th, 2003, 22 year-old Atlanta resident Macques Antonio Walker, [...]

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Distracted Driving Causes Thousands of Needless Deaths Each Year

Distracted driving incidents happen every day. However the results from the annual National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS) give actual numbers that are mind boggling: Every minute there are 660,000+U.S.drivers using their cell phones or working electronic devices while operating their vehicle. Also, there are almost 500,000 injuries and over 3,300 deaths a year which [...]

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A Busy Weekend For GA Motor Vehicle Accidents

West GA Car Accident Fatality It was a busy weekend for West Georgia law enforcement and other first responders to car crashes. Seven accidents that occurred from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning left eight dead, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The first fatality occurred on I-75 in Whitfield County, when the teenage driver overcorrected [...]

The NHTSA Provides Consumers With Useful Information Before Your Next Georgia Road Trip This Summer

Summertime Road Trip? Use Caution and Check the NHTSA for Information That May Protect You from Car Crashes The kids are on summer vacation, gas prices are falling, and holidays, picnics, and family reunions beckon Georgia residents to take to the road. Unfortunately, many vacations end in catastrophic accident. Speeding, distractions, and inclement weather may [...]

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Estate Trust Law Protects the Elderly

Helping an Elderly Parent to Make a Nursing Home Transition? Don’t Violate Estate Trust Law As the first of the aging Baby Boomers transitions into the elderly years, the topic of caring for their well being becomes more important. Many children fear even broaching the subject with their parents. They don’t want to hurt feelings [...]

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Injury and Death Becoming More Common

The Hurt study and research report have shown that when it comes to Cobb County motorcycle accidents, three-fourths of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. In those two-vehicle accidents where a motorcycle is involved, two-thirds of those are caused by the other driver who violates the cyclist’s right of way. The results of the research [...]