Restraining Orders: What You Need to Know

Restraining Orders: What You Need to Know People feel better about their lives when they are safe. Unfortunately, there are times when people threaten others. When this happens, the person being threatened feels like their life is unsettled and their safety is in jeopardy. If you or someone you care about is experiencing psychological or [...]

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Consider Adoption…Speak with an Adoption Attorney

As we celebrate “love” this month, we should not forget about the many children who are going into or are already in the foster care system.  These children long to experience the love that comes from living with a permanent family through adoption.  On the other side adopting a child or children is one of [...]

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New Georgia Bill 1198 Allows Consideration of Grandparent Visitation Rights

Press Release reports that Georgia Bill 1198 was passed in 2012 which expands the decisions that the court can make in considering grandparents visitation rights when child custody, divorce or termination of parental rights occur.  For many children providing them a source of stability that they had known makes a positive difference in their [...]

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Uncontested Divorce Settlements Benefit From Attorney Guidance

In the State of Georgia the divorce rate for men is 9th highest in the nation, with the divorce rate for women following close behind at 11th highest in the U.S.  The State Bar of Georgia outlines the procedure for divorce, stating you must first file a complaint for divorce in the Superior Court of [...]

Estate Trust Law Protects the Elderly

Helping an Elderly Parent to Make a Nursing Home Transition? Don’t Violate Estate Trust Law As the first of the aging Baby Boomers transitions into the elderly years, the topic of caring for their well being becomes more important. Many children fear even broaching the subject with their parents. They don’t want to hurt feelings [...]

Prenuptial Agreements Can Strengthen the Foundation of Your Marriage

The L.A. Times ran a story recently on marriages, death and divorce, and the advantages of having a prenuptial agreement. The article expounded on the fact that most marriages in the 1970’s were first marriages, however today the Census Bureau statistics points to the fact that today marriages are split between first marriages and marriages [...]

Can I Have My Marriage Annulled Instead of Going Through A Divorce?

There may be numerous reasons why a person or a couple might want to have their marriage annulled instead of going through the process of divorce. While the reasons may be personal, the Judicial Branch of Georgia Courts states that there are specific criteria and circumstances that must be met under Georgia law before the [...]

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Georgia Domestic Violence Fatalities Are 10th in the Nation

Georgia domestic violence affects everyone – the victim, the community, innocent children, as well as friends and family. The Georgia Commission of Family Violence or GCFV, reports that the State of Georgia ranks 10th in the nation for the rate of fatalities of women due to Georgia domestic violence. In addition, in 43% of domestic [...]

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Injured Victims From Criminal Acts Need Accountability

When Lack of Self-Control Leads to Deliberate Serious Injury in Douglas County, Accountability Will Follow As society changes, anger management seems to be an increasingly difficult self-control mechanism to employ. Whether by mental disorder or deliberate revenge, when someone loses their temper to the point where they cause physical harm and/or property damage, it’s time [...]

How A Divorce Impacts The Way You File Your Taxes

Divorce impacts all areas of life, including finances. During tax season, it's important to understand how a divorce could influence how you file your 2011 taxes. A Douglasville Divorce Attorney Can Determine Alimony Deduction If you are paying alimony, it is typically deductible on your taxes. This is true even if you don't itemize your deductions. Alimony, also [...]

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