Valentine’s Day… A Day of Love and Heartbreak

Valentine’s Day, the nationally recognized day of love, is right around the corner. While we typically think of it as the day of romance, what happens if someone “steals” your heart or if Cupid has a misfire and nicks you with an arrow? Maybe you are pulled over after Valentine’s Day dinner having enjoyed too [...]

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Y’all ready for some football?

Football season is in full swing, here in Georgia, and soon it might even be cool enough to actually feel like football season. Here in the south, football season means game day gatherings. Whether everyone is meeting at the house with the best TV, gathering for a tailgate party, or meeting at the local sports [...]

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Know Your Rights: Drunk Driver Injuries

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, do you know that the law allows you to receive compensation for your injuries? While drunk drivers can face serious legal ramifications, with penalties including restitution and jail time, they can also face civil liability. If you or a loved one is injured or [...]

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DUI: People make mistakes, but what if it was YOU?

Know what questions to ask when selecting a DUI Attorney When looking for a DUI/DWI attorney, you will want to find someone who has the knowledge and compassion to properly represent you. Since the initial consultation is typically free, it’s important to ask questions of the attorney. The best and most qualified lawyers will welcome [...]

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A Busy Weekend For GA Motor Vehicle Accidents

West GA Car Accident Fatality It was a busy weekend for West Georgia law enforcement and other first responders to car crashes. Seven accidents that occurred from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning left eight dead, according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution. The first fatality occurred on I-75 in Whitfield County, when the teenage driver overcorrected [...]

The Georgia Ten-Day Motor Vehicle Rule Needs Immediate Attention

In the State of Georgia, there is a motor vehicle requirement called the “Ten Day Rule.” Ignoring or delaying in your serious attention to this rule can result in the suspension of your Georgia driver’s license of up to one year. What is the Ten-Day Rule? According to the Department of Driver Services, if a [...]

Felony Level DUI Charge Now in Effect under Georgia DUI Law (Part 2)

Georgia DUI Legal Procedures In a Georgia DUI charge, the very first step that occurs is that the police officer must stop the defendant on the roadway, which could happen through a roadblock checkpoint or through articulable suspicion. Articulable suspicion means that the law officer must observe behavior that leads them to determine the driver [...]

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Felony Level DUI Charge Now in Effect under Georgia DUI Law (Part 1)

Georgia DUI laws have become much stricter with the addition of a felony level DUI charge. The new felony level DUI conviction will have an immediate effect on all repeat offenders. The reports that the new Georgia DUI law will require 1st time offenders to undergo strict, court-supervised substance abuse treatment. Those Georgia DUI [...]

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A DUI Conviction Has Emotional As Well As Legal Consequences

Being convicted of a Georgia DUI can result in some stiff legal consequences which can include jail time, fines, loss of driver license, community service and more, but Carrollton DUI attorneys can tell you there is also an emotional cost. Carrollton GA DUI Attorneys Warn About The Emotional Effects Of A DUI The emotional consequences [...]

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