Preparing and Protecting Yourself During a Divorce

Nearly 40 percent of all marriages end in divorce. While we always encourage couples to try and work through any issues they may have, unfortunately, some problems cannot be solved so easily. It goes without saying that going through divorce is stressful.  In addition to the anxiety the individuals separating experience, their family members have [...]

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Happy New Year: Time to Review Your Legal Needs

Happy New Year: Time to Review Your Legal Needs By Michael Miller You never think you’ll need an attorney, until you do. In fact, there are numerous situations where you need to be prepared and be ready to protect yourself with some advance planning through the assistance of an attorney. As we begin 2016, here are some [...]

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Uncontested Divorce Settlements Benefit From Attorney Guidance

In the State of Georgia the divorce rate for men is 9th highest in the nation, with the divorce rate for women following close behind at 11th highest in the U.S.  The State Bar of Georgia outlines the procedure for divorce, stating you must first file a complaint for divorce in the Superior Court of [...]

Prenuptial Agreements Can Strengthen the Foundation of Your Marriage

The L.A. Times ran a story recently on marriages, death and divorce, and the advantages of having a prenuptial agreement. The article expounded on the fact that most marriages in the 1970’s were first marriages, however today the Census Bureau statistics points to the fact that today marriages are split between first marriages and marriages [...]

What is the Difference Between a No-Fault and a Fault Divorce?

It is unfortunate that the divorce rate in the U.S. has been climbing steadily over the years. At this time it is estimated that 41-50% of all first marriages will end in divorce. The numbers rise even higher for 2nd and 3rd marriages, with 60-67% and 73-75% respectively. With the statistical chance of a marriage [...]

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