Violent Crime

Violent Crime Turn on the television, radio, or log onto a social media outlet, and it is obvious that violent crime occurs daily all over our country. Most Americans are familiar with and have been impacted by robberies, murders and other violent crimes. Crime, as demonstrated throughout history, has been too much a part of [...]

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Is Georgia Hit and Run Law Unconstitutional? The State Supreme Court Says No

In an Effort to Evade Responsibility, Guilty Driver Claims Georgia Hit and Run Law as Unconstitutional, but State Supreme Court Disagrees The Georgia hit and run law OCGA § 40–6–270(a) is not unconstitutional, according to a State Supreme Court of Georgia ruling. In fact, it could be argued that when 44 year old Walter E. [...]

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Where’s the Justice for the Family of Victim of Georgia Road Rage?

Protecting the Rights of Victims of Georgia Road Rage When road rage leads to serious injury or wrongful death, victims and families of victims oftentimes wonder if the wrongdoer will be brought to justice. Even when they are, Appellate Courts may reverse the conviction. On July 27th, 2003, 22 year-old Atlanta resident Macques Antonio Walker, [...]

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Georgia Motorcycle Accident Injury and Death Becoming More Common

The Hurt study and research report have shown that when it comes to Cobb County motorcycle accidents, three-fourths of all motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle. In those two-vehicle accidents where a motorcycle is involved, two-thirds of those are caused by the other driver who violates the cyclist’s right of way. The results of the research [...]

Georgia Domestic Violence Fatalities Are 10th in the Nation

Georgia domestic violence affects everyone – the victim, the community, innocent children, as well as friends and family. The Georgia Commission of Family Violence or GCFV, reports that the State of Georgia ranks 10th in the nation for the rate of fatalities of women due to Georgia domestic violence. In addition, in 43% of domestic [...]

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Injured Victims From Criminal Acts Need Accountability

When Lack of Self-Control Leads to Deliberate Serious Injury in Douglas County, Accountability Will Follow As society changes, anger management seems to be an increasingly difficult self-control mechanism to employ. Whether by mental disorder or deliberate revenge, when someone loses their temper to the point where they cause physical harm and/or property damage, it’s time [...]