Happy New Year: Time to Review Your Legal Needs

Happy New Year: Time to Review Your Legal Needs By Michael Miller You never think you’ll need an attorney, until you do. In fact, there are numerous situations where you need to be prepared and be ready to protect yourself with some advance planning through the assistance of an attorney. As we begin 2016, here are some [...]

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New Georgia Bill 1198 Allows Consideration of Grandparent Visitation Rights

Press Release Distribution.org reports that Georgia Bill 1198 was passed in 2012 which expands the decisions that the court can make in considering grandparents visitation rights when child custody, divorce or termination of parental rights occur.  For many children providing them a source of stability that they had known makes a positive difference in their [...]

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Uncontested Divorce Settlements Benefit From Attorney Guidance

In the State of Georgia the divorce rate for men is 9th highest in the nation, with the divorce rate for women following close behind at 11th highest in the U.S.  The State Bar of Georgia outlines the procedure for divorce, stating you must first file a complaint for divorce in the Superior Court of [...]

Tips for Child Custody Modification

Often after people get a divorce and have a court determine custody, alimony and property division, they think the process is over. However, as circumstances change, people can end up dealing with post-divorce modification. Often, the modification is regarding child support or custody. Sometimes the court ordered child support arrangements become unfeasible. Whether it is [...]

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Types of Child Custody and How a Divorce Attorney Can Help

In the case of divorce or a situation where parents are unmarried and there are issues of child custody, there are several options for custody agreements. If you are considering divorce or need someone to help you navigate the child custody process, talk to a Douglasville divorce attorney today to discuss all of your options. [...]

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Put Children First when Divorcing

Douglasville Divorce Attorneys Help Children Transition To New Circumstances If you have been having difficulty in your marriage and are considering a divorce there are many things that a Douglasville divorce attorney can advise you on that needs to be taken into consideration, such as how assets will be divided and marital debt will be [...]

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